Ever since becoming the MP for Reigate, twenty years ago, I have been concerned about Green Belt policy, the constituency being wholly within London’s Green Belt.

Blog November - Transport infrastructure

In overcrowded south-east England, the maintenance of adequate transport infrastructure is crucial. Without it, local destinations become increasingly difficult to access and congestion mounts leading to frustration for travellers and damage to the local and national economy.

Blog July 2016: Whirlwind

After a whirlwind of political fall-out from the EU referendum I am pleased to confirm my support for our new Prime Minister, Theresa May.

Blog May 2016: Rail trouble

Not surprisingly, I continue to be inundated with complaints from local constituents about the ongoing disruption and regular delays to rail services from our local stations, particularly, Redhill and Reigate.

Blog May 2016: Waste matters

Disposal of waste is a huge issue for our society. Most of us are aware, too often pungently, that here at the heart of our constituency, just to the east of Redhill, we have one of the largest, landfill waste sites in the UK, operated by Biffa Waste Services Ltd. 

Blog April 2016

Over 200 local constituents have recently petitioned me regarding possible proposed changes to NHS funding for local pharmacies. It demonstrates how much people care about and value their local services and can use their democratic right to oppose any changes that they think do not make sense. 

Blog March 2016

In June last year I was elected as Chairman of the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee. The job of the Committee is to scrutinise Government on foreign policy issues and make recommendations on how to improve policy. Here is an update of the work we have carried out so far.

Blog February 2016

This blog contains a brief overview of some of the key local constituency issues I am currently working on. It is intended that future blogs will be more thematic and provide more detail about specific issues.