Blog July 2016: Whirlwind

After a whirlwind of political fall-out from the EU referendum I am pleased to confirm my support for our new Prime Minister, Theresa May. It is important at times like these that we are led by someone with experience  and integrity who can unify the country in a common cause and negotiate an optimum Brexit agreement between us, our European partners and our global allies.

I will use the change of government to reflect anew on some key domestic issues that have direct impact on local residents in my constituency.

As you can imagine, my in-tray has been full of correspondence from angry and frustrated constituents about the ongoing appalling disruption to our railway service. I will continue to urge the new government to review the timetabling, pricing and infrastructure commitment to Southern Rail services and to support initiatives that can bring the current industrial action by RMT to an early conclusion. 

I will also be urging the Prime Minister and Department of Transport to come to an early decision on a new London runway at Heathrow rather than Gatwick, and supporting an ongoing review of the effects of and options for reducing Gatwick aircraft noise in the constituency.

I will continue to urge the Department of Transport and the Highways Agency to prioritise a new road plan for the M23 interchange at Hooley, a transport log jam that has concerned me since becoming MP for Reigate in 1997.

More locally, I will be urging the local authority to re-consider its Development Management Plan do reduce expectations that future development can take place in ‘potential development sites’ on Green Belt areas of the constituency.

I will be closely monitoring potential future oil exploration and extraction plans at the Horse Hill site to ensure that there is an optimum balance between economic development and protection of the environment for residents in the local area.

I will also be working with Surrey County Council to ensure that the infrastructure is in place to accommodate the education of all our young people in fit-for-purpose local primary and secondary schools in the coming years.


Finally, I would like to thank all my constituents for their ongoing support and for the informative comments and queries that they share with me. I am committed to ensuring that the quality of life and economic prosperity in our constituency remains amongst the highest in the country.