Election Statement: Thank You and next steps

Thank You

I would like to extend the warmest thanks to all those who voted for me in last week’s General Election. Obviously, I am very relieved at the result both in Reigate and across the country which gives the country a government with the Parliamentary authority for a full term.

The Road Ahead: A Brexit update from Crispin Blunt MP.

I have been writing a Brexit Blog Post for a year as the best way to respond to correspondence from constituents covering every conceivable position on the UK’s decision to leave the EU. All my previous posts are available here:

PRESS RELEASE: Turkish invasion of North East Syria  

Following Turkey’s invasion of North East Syria Crispin Blunt, MP for Reigate, chair of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee (FAC) 2015-17, when the FAC visited the region and completed five directly relevant inquiries into the region and the conflict, and having returned within the last month from

A way out of this mess

Both the Conservatives and the Brexit Party could benefit from an electoral pact

Addressing the 1922 committee in the wake of the 2017 General Election fiasco, Theresa May declared, "I got us into this mess, I will get us out."

Brexit Blog - Withdrawal Agreement vote three.

I had hoped to first explain my vote for the Withdrawal Agreement in the House of Commons debate last Friday. However, as I’ve called the Speaker out for his bias, this is now the second debate in which I am in the small number of MPs not called to speak.