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Delivering the referendum. A Brexit update from Crispin Blunt MP.

Following the Prime Minister’s successful negotiation of a new deal, I am writing to update constituents so you can understand the reasons why I am supporting the Prime Minister and how this Brexit deal will ensure that we take back control.

A Brexit update by Crispin Blunt MP

In light of the developments we have seen over the last few days I am writing to update constituents so you can have the fullest picture of my position on Brexit.

A Route to Tory Recovery

If the next Conservative PM has not got Brexit done by the next election the electoral outlook is beyond bleak unless the dynamic can be changed.

Sunday evening we will get a taste of what it looks like when Conservatives strongly committed to Remain and Leave desert left and right.

A way out of this mess

Both the Conservatives and the Brexit Party could benefit from an electoral pact

Addressing the 1922 committee in the wake of the 2017 General Election fiasco, Theresa May declared, "I got us into this mess, I will get us out."

Brexit Blog - Withdrawal Agreement vote three.

I had hoped to first explain my vote for the Withdrawal Agreement in the House of Commons debate last Friday. However, as I’ve called the Speaker out for his bias, this is now the second debate in which I am in the small number of MPs not called to speak.  


Crispin’s Brexit Blog Post

Crispin’s Brexit Blog Post 

12th December 2018


Over the last few weeks I have received over 1,000 emails, letters, calls and cards regarding the UK’s withdrawal from the EU. This is an issue that generates much passion, often heat rather than light!

Crispin’s Telegraph article on the Conservative vote of confidence

Crispin wrote to the Telegraph following his decision to let it be known that he had written to Sir Graham Brady asking for a vote of confidence in the Conservative Party Leader. 

His article can be found on the Telegraph's website and the full text is also below.