As you will be aware, I have been pressing successive Government Ministers to address the anomalously high local rail fares, known colloquially as the ‘Redhill Hump’, for a number of years.


Following the most recent earthquake in the area on 27 February, I have received a number of communications from local residents concerned about the potential link between a series of earth tremors in the area and oil exploration and production activities at Horse Hill and Brockham.

Crispin’s Brexit Blog Post

Crispin’s Brexit Blog Post 

12th December 2018


Over the last few weeks I have received over 1,000 emails, letters, calls and cards regarding the UK’s withdrawal from the EU. This is an issue that generates much passion, often heat rather than light!

Crispin’s Telegraph article on the Conservative vote of confidence

Crispin wrote to the Telegraph following his decision to let it be known that he had written to Sir Graham Brady asking for a vote of confidence in the Conservative Party Leader. 

His article can be found on the Telegraph's website and the full text is also below.