Crispin Blunt endorses Norman Baker's calls for evidence-based approach to medical marijuana

Crispin Blunt MP has called for the Health Secretary and other members of the Government to seriously consider Norman Baker MP's proposed review of the use of medical marijuana.

Responding to Norman Baker's letter to the Health Secretary, Mr Blunt commented:

"The Government's refusal to engage with this issue from an evidence-based perspective, confirmed to me in an answer to a recent written Parliamentary Question, is reminiscent of the mindset that led to Professor David Nutt's sacking in 2009. There is a growing body of research which suggests that cannabis and its derivatives effectively relieve the symptoms of MS, Stroke, Crohn's disease and the side effects of chemotherapy and HIV/AIDS treatment. Sativex, the first cannabis derivative available in the UK, has been shown to reduce MS spasticity by up to 30% in three quarters of patients. Nevertheless it is only accessible, as my constituents have found to their expense, via a frankly byzantine prescription process.

However, it is not accessible at all for spasticity due to stroke which is completely absurd as it has been found to work in a similar way to spasticity from MS in the USA. I have a constituent who continues to suffer from this stupidity, on whose behalf I want this fixed.

Norman Baker's suggestions are thoroughly sensible and I urge the Health Secretary and other members of the Government to give them immediate, serious, scientific consideration."