What people say about Crispin

The quotes below are taken from recent messages from constituents to Crispin Blunt and his staff:

"A short note to thank you for your time and input into helping resolve the delay over my father's post-mortem. I and my family very much appreciate your help."

"I just want to thank you for your effort and hard work and all you have done for us Sir. You are dedicated to your job without any prejudice which is always highly respected and appreciated, thank you."

"I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and your team (especially your caseworker) who has been assisting me with the coordination of getting my daughter back from India. Whilst in the end we opted for a commercial flight in September, it does not take away my gratitude and readiness that your team has supported me. I wanted to pass on my sincere thanks as we are lucky to have a local MP like yourself."

"Thank you for taking the time to expand on last week’s Loan Charge events and your continued support. It’s wonderful to have a supportive MP and team who assist constituents the way you do."

"Really good news, after over 2 months of patchy 3G and single digit speeds, we are a bit overwhelmed! Working from home will be so much less stressful. Thank you so much to you and your office and contacts for sorting this. We felt like we were never going to get this resolved."

" I must say a big thank you to you and your office manager for assisting with me with my sons battle against Surrey County Council's application process. Once again, thank you for all your help and support in this matter."

"Thank you for your detailed reply and for outlining the government position so clearly. I feel more reassured and it’s good to hear that British high standards will be upheld. I will endeavour to do more research on the subject rather than react to headlines. As regards my voting intentions, I think it highly unlikely that I will ever vote for Labour or the Lib Dem’s again. The more I see of the hatred, vile abuse and hypocrisy on the left of politics these days, the more I am disgusted. It seems that anyone with a slightly different opinion than them is subjected to abuse. In all my years of following politics, I have never seen the Conservative party resort to such behaviour. The Brexit campaign has really opened my eyes and the eyes of many across the country to what has been going on. The left feel that they own the moral high ground and that this somehow gives them leave to behave like a lynchmob. It was heartening to see Boris Johnson standing up to the bullies in the recent Cummings story. Very best wishes and thanks to the Party for all the hard work in such incredibly difficult times."

"I would like to express my sincere gratitude for supporting my family in our difficult time. It was a mixture of emotions when I received the call from your caseworker who informed me of this great news. It ’s give me huge relief and comfort. I believe your intervention made all the difference or otherwise this would have dragged on indefinitely. You make a real difference to real lives. It is much appreciated your kindness and support to us."

"I would be grateful if you could pass on my thanks to Crispin for his help and support during my dealings with the Child Maintenance Service over the last year. The Department has caused me a great deal of financial and emotional distress and I am much relieved that someone has finally seen sense, though I’m sure this would not have happened without your intervention. Thank you once again."

"Many thanks for your email, the contents of which are noted.  Thank you too for your continued efforts on my behalf and that of others in my situation.  I have indeed applied for universal credit so that should hopefully pay for the food bill for the month. Then it’s down to my daughters for the rest!"

"A huge thank you to Mr Blunt and yourself for your support. It looks like we have our testing agreed in line with testing criteria, and have been recognised as front line/essential workers." 

"Thank you for the email. UKPN have now scheduled our work in for next week. I cannot thank you enough for your assistance in this matter. I appreciate you and your caseworker are very busy and I’m sure you have a lot of stress at this time. The difference that this work makes to both our lives and our financial situation is massive. It gives us a fighting chance at making it through the difficult months ahead. I really appreciate you taking the time to assist and thank you both for your work."

"Please pass on my thanks to Mr Blunt for following up my query so thoroughly - I greatly appreciate it. I also greatly appreciate having Mr Blunt as my MP. From my point of view, he represents his constituency extremely well and has been kind enough to respond to previous questions of mine."

I believe that Mr Blunt's intervention played a significant part in the outcome of our case. Can I ask please ask you to pass on my greatest and sincerest appreciation to Mr Blunt. I cannot tell you the relief of this outcome."

"Thank you for all you have done to improve the rail service from Reigate.  I travelled to Victoria the other day without having to change trains at Redhill.   Looking at the timetable, I see that there are many trains both to and from Reigate where a change is no longer necessary.   A huge improvement. Thank you so much for all you do."

"I just had a very unexpected and positive call from the DWP PIP Tribunal Appeals Team. Thank you to you and Mr Blunt for all your help through such stormy times. It is and has always been much appreciated. I do tell others who I discuss these issues with that you have helped me so much."

"I just want to thank Crispin for his generosity in giving up a Saturday evening and bringing along his friends and family to support our Banstead in Bloom fundraising Quiz Night.  I am delighted to let him know that we raised over £2,100. This money will enable us to plan ahead for the lasting projects we wish to leave in place. I was also very touched at his kind words of affirmation at the end of the evening, both to ourselves and also to Eddy, Lynne and Nadean, our local councillors."

"I want to thank you  most sincerely from the bottom of my heart for all the help and support you have given us throughout our whole journey."

"Please thank Mr Blunt on such a great letter and for his ongoing support in this matter. He's put my faith back in politicians and shows he supports his constituents before his own gains which should be applauded - there's not that many MP's who would do the same."

"I am so very grateful to you and Mr Blunt for your help and assistance. I don't know what I would have done without it. God bless you both."

"I can't thank you and Mr Blunt enough for how much you have done for us.  This outcome is amazing and we are very grateful for everything. That's lovely that the Home Office apologised, very kind of them."

"Thank you for all your help and support. It’s good to know we have an MP that takes the time to help his voters."

"My thanks for your latest correspondence and update regarding the Loan Charge situation. Irrespective of the outcome, I simply wanted to express my gratitude for your input. I have never written to any MP before and hadn’t frankly expected much more than a stock response especially with all of the Brexit workload on everyone’s plate. Your detailed and supportive replies have been very welcomed and certainly far from what I’d expected. I simply want to say thank you for taking the time to help with such detail and consideration. It was very kind of you."

"I want to say thank you to you personally and also to Mr Blunt for not fobbing me off when I came to you for help with my problem, I am very grateful for your time and help with contacting passport services and the Home Office regarding my application. Thank you, I really appreciate what you did for me."

"Thank you Mr Blunt and your Caseworker for all the help you have provided me with. I have been receiving your emails and they have been a comfort to me as I knew that I had someone listening to me and supporting me. I did not expect such a quick response and positive outcome. Thank you once again for coming to my aid." 

"Both myself and my wife wanted to write to thank you so very much for all of the help and support you have devoted to challenging the Loan Charge over the last few weeks and months. Seeing NC26 make it through the commons last night was such a huge achievement, and a milestone in our ongoing struggles for justice with HMRC. There is no doubt in our minds that your signing of this new clause was a huge help in seeing this through undefeated.  We have also been so impressed with the responsiveness of your office, and would also like to extend our thanks to Teresa who is a credit to your office, and has been so prompt in replying to our telephone calls and in reassuring us that you are indeed supporting the challenges to this draconian legislation."

"I would just like to offer my sincerest thanks to Crispin for his support in signing NC26 and speaking on our behalf in the Finance Bill debate. It is a welcome relief that the Loan Charge will now be reviewed thanks to Crispin and other supportive MP's understanding and efforts - it is very much appreciated."

"I would just like to thank you Mr Blunt and your team for the hard work and effort you make for your constituents. I may not be a conservative at heart but I do appreciate some members of the party."   

"I would like to thank you for your help with my immigration matter.  I appreciate your time and support with the initial chasing of a decision from the Home Office, and the letter to the Immigration Minister requesting my case be reviewed.  I am overwhelmed by the positive outcome."

"I am writing to express my great appreciation for your assistance in persuading the DVLA to issue my replacement driving licence which arrived on Friday.  It was also good of your caseworker to contact me when she had heard from the DVLA to say it was being issued.  This is the first time that I have asked my MP for assistance and I am very impressed by the response."

"I would like to thank both you and Mr Blunt so very much. I have read the contents of Mr Blunts letter, which is very well constructed and is written with total empathy, by I believe a very caring and deeply sincere man. Mr Blunt deserves every bit of support he gets from the constituents of Reigate and Banstead. He is a Member of Parliament to be intensely proud of. Please convey my gratitude to him and thank you again."

"On behalf of the Banstead Village Residents Association, may I please thank you for being willing to give up an evening to attend the Association's AGM yesterday.  Thank you for your most interesting talk, taking care as you did to address the immediate concerns of our members and for the courteous manner in which you took the trouble to reply to questions which must come up repeatedly!  Thank you also for all the time and energy you devote to serving the constituents of Banstead Village and for the support and help you offer us."

"I noticed on Twitter that you had helped to ferry passengers from Redhill Station to Gatwick this afternoon. Good on you. I had serious concerns for my own safety and that of other passengers using the Gatwick Express/Southern Rail replacement services today" -  25 February 2018

"We are writing with great gratitude to say thank you for the support that you render to us. We appreciate this sterling quality in you that even in this tough time, in your busy and tight schedule, you managed to assist us."

"I have been scheduled for my operation on xxx, at Xxx, I would like to thank you and Mr Blunt for everything you have done to support me through this very difficult time, would you please pass on my thanks to Mr Blunt and tell him 'I will/would like to shake his hand one day'."

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued efforts and support. It is comforting to know that someone as hard working and passionate as yourself is in my corner."

"Thank you very much for all of your and Crispin's help. With your help it would have been impossible."

"I rang your office and left a message to say a huge 'thank you' to you and Mr Blunt for helping me. Transport for London called and it's all sorted."

"I just wanted to thank you for your efforts on my behalf with Govia Thameslink over the parking fine at Dorking Station on a strike day when I had paid the fee but not parked within a marked space. The fine has now been refunded... I had not expected you to follow it up but thank you for doing so and I now consider the matter closed and look forward to incident-free travel in future!"

"I wanted to thank you and Mr Blunt for all of your help in dealing with the issues of the Communal Bin shed ... Thankfully the Council cleaned the shed and it is now pristine... much to the relief of our block."

"Y and I wish to thank you for your full support and share with you the little report that I was able to send to my relatives last night. As you can see, we have a preliminary result from the court and have made some progress with Y's situation. Once again, many thanks for your kind support."

The quotes you can read below are taken from messages left by supporters, many of them local residents, of Crispin Blunt's re-selection as the Conservative Candidate for Reigate in 2013.

You can also read messages from Crispin's colleagues in Parliament here.

"You were a fabulous host, and I must say your responses to the questions were a real treat to be present to witness – full of fascinating insights (your prep didn’t go unnoticed), not only to areas of policy, but also the inner workings of parliament, and the reality of life as an M.P. I can share that, from my observations and listening to conversations afterwards, your humility and honesty touched us all. Again, a huge thanks from me and the team!" (November 2017)

"I have asked Crispin Blunt for support twice now and he has come through for me both times.”

"I am delighted to have the opportunity to confirm that I have had first hand experience of your commitment to your constituents. When my husband was alive and severely disabled, I struggled with his care and contacted you with my concerns. I appreciated your support and I wouldn't hesitate to vouch for your hard work and efforts on behalf of your constituents." 

“You have shown our family tremendous support and sympathy in very difficult circumstances. You have been one of the few MPs to show concern with regard to my daughter and her treatment and we look to you to lead the way forward. On a personal note, despite being very busy you have always awarded us time and understanding of our situation but we also see the tremendous support you give to our town, its issues and its businesses.”

"I would like to express my profound gratitude for your help and support last summer. I have no doubt that your strong support for my case had a very positive impact on the outcome. The speed with which you responded and the continuous support that you provided made me realise how much effort and energy you put into your constituency work. I hope that you would continue to represent us in the future.”

“As a constituent I had cause to seek his advice and help with a matter a few years ago and he acted in a most competent and professional manner - resolving the issue quickly and clearly working hard to find resolution.”

"My wife and I were more than surprised that you personally intervened to help resolve a crisis on our family's behalf at a difficult time for us. I have a cynical view of MPs in general, but was pleasantly surprised...; it's demonstration of the local touch that is so needed from MPs. We will happily support you for Reigate in the 2015 elections."

“I would like to confirm that you are an extremely hardworking MP, who listens to all voices in their constituency. I feel deeply indebted to you, as you heard me when I was not able to get through to a government department which was delaying urgent action. As a single mother I needed your help. You responded immediately. My daughter and I would have had a bitter struggle if this action had not taken place. I hope you are very successful in your campaign and you can always count on my vote and my continued support in any work you undertake. Let me take this opportunity to thank you again for your help. My daughter who is now 18 years old has had a fine education and is expecting to study veterinary science. I firmly believe it would have been difficult for us to have achieve all what we have done, if you had not stepped in and helped us.”

"By any sensible measure Crispin has, is, and continues to be a truly superb Reigatian standing up for constituents of all political persuasions and passionately fights for our corner. I have recently had the pleasure of seeing this first hand on two occasions. 1. Our company had a tax complaint with the monster that is HMRC and 2. Supporting the redevelopment of Reigate Priory Cricket Club. In both cases Crispin's unerring encouragement, attention to detail and canny strategy delivered hugely successful outcomes. Outcomes that would have been all so different if he hadn't made the decision to provide his tenacious support... He is by a country mile the best candidate for Reigate.”

"I am an international civil servant and earlier this year Mr Blunt offered his help when I had a problem with the border agency who had denied my fiancée the right to enter the uk to visit me while I was quite seriously Ill in hospital. His intervention, together with that of his very efficient secretary, quickly resolved the problem, for which I am extremely grateful. It seems to me that Reigate has an MP that really takes very seriously the task of defending the rights of his constituents.”

"Crispin Blunt was most helpful in resolving an issue with my daughter's passport. I am most grateful for this and for all the other good work he does for our community”

"I contacted Mr. Crispin Blunt for advice to help me in an ongoing case with HMRC . I was amazed at how easy it was to obtain an appointment and much reassured by the support. Mr. Blunt wrote to HMRC and the case was resolved within a few weeks when it had been dragging on for months prior to this.”

"As a constituent, I have always found Crispin Blunt to be most efficient in supporting me and my neighbourhood in planning matters.”

"Although I have never voted for Mr Blunt, I am happy to confirm that he has helped me obtain a disabled parking bay outside my house. I had been trying for 3 years to get one from the Council, so I am sure that it wouldn’t have happened without Mr Blunt’s help. I also had to ask for his assistance when the street lighting in my area was out for a number of weeks, which obviously presented a hazard to local residents. Thanks to Mr Blunt’s intervention, the lighting was restored quicker than we had expected."

"We are pleased to say that Crispin Blunt has proved his worth as our MP in giving us continued support in the fight for compensation caused by the Equitable Life fiasco. We have a catalogue of his attentive letters over 7 years, with replies from many Ministers, finally leading to the successful conclusion for us and many others. His support for local environmental issues has been outstanding in serving the constituents of Reigate and we wish him well in his endeavour to continue doing so in the future."

"Thanks for all your help in the past and look forward to your advice and views regarding the Earlswood Devlopment."

"I feel that Mr. Blunt is an excellent representative for our community... On a personal note, his office was very instrumental in helping me obtain my spousal visa so that I could return to my wife and family here when my wife was very ill. Without his help I feel very strongly that my visa would most probably been delayed for quite some time and this would have had extremely adverse effects on my wife's condition as well as the rest of the family. I owe Mr. Blunt and his staff a debt that could never be repaid.”

"I just wanted to express my profound gratitude for your help and support last summer. I have no doubt that your strong support for my case had a very positive impact on the outcome. The resolution of the issue has not only been of great relief to myself but also to my parents, my sister and wider family. Thank you. The speed with which you responded and the continuous support that you provided have made us realise how much effort and energy you put into your constituency work. I hope that you would continue to represent us in the future." 

“I have two specific matters over which you have been most helpful - firstly the battle over the Orange mast on the railway embankment alongside Bassett Drive, when you went to a great deal of meetings with Orange executives and our local representatives and also raised the situation in Parliament. Secondly you gave very valuable help when we sought your advice in an awards application. Your interest in the individual, your patience and skilled support and positive interventions have been greatly valued. You know the area and understand our local needs.”

“I am most grateful for the help you have given me - I now have two hearing aids instead of just one. I can attest to the fact that you are both hard working and effective."

"I would like to thank you for your personal intervention on our family’s behalf on more than one occasion.”

"16 months ago my home got burnt down through no fault if my own. Crispin and his fantastic secretary Teresa could not do enough to help me and my family, liaising with local authorities, housing association and many others. He kept us updated whilst we were homeless, every step of the way, and we were very promptly rehomed with minimum fuss to enable us to recover from out trauma. I would like to say that I am not a conservative supporter under normal circumstances but I would vote for Crispin every time just so we could have someone as efficient, kind and helpful... It is very valuable and we are very lucky to have a person of such humanity and care... I say all of this not only based on my own experiences but that of others I know also who have been helped by Crispin and his team. I personally don't know where myself and my family would be now without his help.”

"I was extremely pleased with the very rapid response to my request for assistance. The outcome of my problem was very positive and I feel sure that if it was not for your help and support it would not have been resolved as swiftly. Many thanks."

"Please add my name to the list of those who see Mr Blunt as being a hard working MP who has the courage and integrity to represent his constituents conscientiously. This is in the context of balancing party and personal positions on specific policy issues. If only more MP's were like him politics in general would be in much better shape!"

“We contacted the Mr. Blunt for help in a difficult situation in which there was our family. The response to our request was immediate and very professional. Our situation has dramatically changed for the better since our visit to the office of Mr. Blunt. So far, the assistant of Mr. Blunt's communication with our family and provide all possible support and assistance.”

"I had a family problem a few years ago and Mr Crispin Blunt took the time to make his views known to a rather unhelpful government sponsored organisation, which I appreciated.”

"A couple of years ago I needed advise regarding a schooling problem that I felt very strongly about. It was suggested that I contact my local MP and ask him. Having never gone down this road, I was some what nervous to say the least ! How wrong could I have been ? From the moment I contacted my MP's office, to my meeting with Crispin, to his guidance, and finally the follow up from his team, I was most impressed. Unfortunately my reply from the Ministry of Education was as expected, but I, with the help of Crispin Blunt, made my point of dissatisfaction over a certain area. Since then, Crispin has shown support in other matters concerning proposed planning applications.”

"I was Chief Executive of The Children’s Trust at Tadworth for twenty years until my retirement in April 2013 and I have known Crispin Blunt since 1997 when he was first elected as MP for Reigate & Banstead. The Trust employs over 500 nurses and carers and other staff and many of them live in the constituency. Crispin was quick to take an interest in the specialised work of the Trust for some of the most disabled children in the country. He supported the charity’s fundraising and events to honour long-serving staff and was always readily approachable when asked for an opinion on questions of national policy. When it seemed that some aspects of the Trust’s work might be disadvantaged by changes in the NHS he gave me an undertaking that he would ensure our case was represented at the highest level. As good as his word, he wrote personally to the then Secretary of State for Health to explain our position. I have known Crispin to be a man of integrity and personal charm with a nice sense of humour.”

"It gives me great pleasure to acknowledge your help in dealing with the issue raised with you a while ago; your response was prompt and demonstrated your active efforts in dealing efficiently with my request; I have lived in your Constituency for years now and have enjoyed your quietly confident support in making our lives better." 

"I asked for some help with a problem and the response I got was very fast and helpful. Many Thanks"

"I cannot thank Crispin and his team enough for their support and relentless endeavours to help myself and fellow residents of Hazel Way, Chipstead in a battle against Network Rail. The Council had given up on us and Crispin despite a failed attempt, got his team behind the cause and succesfully acheived a result which mean that we can now fully enjoy our property without the noise and disturbance from the transformer substation. Thanks again Crispin and Teresa for your pro activity which acheived such a wonderful result that all the residents are really happy with."

"Mr Blunt and his team were extremely supportive of my son when we were forced to remove him form a local primary school due to escalating violent episodes from fellow pupils which the school teachers and governors choose to ignore. He has pledged his support in ensuring my son was sent to a more appropriate school and wrote to the new school explaining the problems we had encountered. Mr Blunt has been speedy in his responses and always very professional.” 

"Having had the pleasure of knowing Crispin for three-and-a-half years, he has always been approachable, knowledgeable and down to Earth. Crispin is an outstanding local MP; whether it is successfully helping to save the Reigate Post Office, campaigning to protect the greenbelt, responding to letters, or resisting house building, Crispin knows the local issues and makes our concerns known in Parliament.”

"Crispin is an outstanding Conservative politician and an excellent representative of Reigate constituency. He deserves our continued support."

"Mr Blunt has been an excellent constituency MP and helped me in matters which concerned me."

"As a constituent in Mr Blunt's ward i would like you all to be aware of how dedicated he was in supporting me when i needed his help. He is a man of the people, who truly takes the time to assist and listen to a persons problems and difficulties, and tries to solve these matters with relentless vigour. I cannot thank him enough."

"I have approached Mr Blunt on 2 occasions during the past 10 years - on both occasions it was in connection with my late husband who suffered from Alzheimer's disease. On both occasions, thanks to his practical support I was able to continue my husband's medication and then, thanks to his intervention, I finally received the monies due to me from Surrey County Council due to the backdating of his continuing care. I remain very grateful for his support."

"I am willing to write with some conviction to say that, on more than one occasion, I have had cause to write to you as my local MP, and you have to my way of thinking, responded with both interest and alacrity to my concerns... My wife and I have found you patient and interested in what we had to say, and on one of these you went away, and followed up our discussion with a letter of clarification. I wonder how many other MP's would display a similar level of commitment towards their constituents?"

"We are three pensioners living in a small block of retirement flats. Over the last two years we have been severely tormented by a resident who should not be living here as he is not a pensioner and has extreme learning difficulties. We tried on many occasions through the correct channels to get some satisfaction not just for ourselves but for the person in question. This has been an uphill struggle which seriously affected our health and the ONLY help we received was from you and your secretary Theresa, which we know involved you both in a lot hard work. This man is still living here but we have not had any more trouble since you intervened, for which we sincerely thank you. We wish you well and hope you realise your ambitions, especially as we may need you again in the near future." 

"I have reason to thank Crispin Blunt for helping me, as a volunteer adviser, when I collected a parking ticket. I had stopped briefly at the rear of the CAB to collect papers to help a client in court facing repossession. Mr Blunt wrote a letter of support on my behalf in which he showed how he valued the work of volunteers in the community.”

“When I met him, I found him to be kind, considerate and above all genuinely concerned to try and help one of his constituents with the utmost professionalism. Mr Blunt in my mind is an outstanding MP and Reigate and the surrounding area should be honoured to have him represent us." 

"Mr Blunt has helped me twice when I had problems with Reigate and Banstead Council without his help I would have been left out of pocket and feeling pretty miserable I commend Crispin Blunt for the help he has given me as my MP anyone who thinks he does not deserve another term is living in a dream world. !!!!!" 

"I have had the occasion to request the support of Crispin Blunt in relation to a personal situation I was experiencing a few years back, where a member of my family was being treated unfairly. I did get a response from Crispin Blunt who stated that I was to write to him again should the situation not improve and that he would take up the matter personally on my behalf. I was able to sort the matter out myself in the end but would have had no hesitation in contacting Crispin Blunt had this not been the case as I felt he genuinely wanted to help me in any way he could."

"I had cause to seek advise from Mr Blunt, a more pleasant and kinder man I could not have met. As I saw it, he (and his back room staff) were most professional and courteous but more to the point, Mr Blunt listened to my point and advised accordingly. A short time later, he posted me correspondence from a colleague he had lobbied on my behalf, asking if there was any more he could do for me. Certainly I felt Mr Blunt had worked for me as he was my link to Senior Ministers in the Cabinet. Over and above Mr Blunts parliamentary duties, I felt Mr Blunt to be considerate and kind natured with a genuine concern for one of his constituents... He represents our constituency with a passion and enthusiasm our constituency has never seen. In my view, there is no equal to him and there is no doubt that Mr Blunt should be supported fervently for the benefit of our constituency.”

 "Crispin has been most helpful to us as our local MP. This has been both personally and in particularly during his time as President of the Reigate Society when he was always available and supportive of the aims of the Society."

"I am 73 years of age and my husband is 79 and we have both voted Conservative for as long as we have been able to vote and wherever we have lived, I can honestly say that we have never had such a helpful and kind Conservative Member of Parliament. You are the only MP that we have known that has had the courtesy to knock on our door to hear our views and opinions and you have helped us tremendously on several matters when we have sought your time and assistance.”

"Crispin Blunt has been helping myself and my company with regard to a review of the Retail Export Scheme being carried out by HMRC. I have found Crispin to be responsive, willing and very helpful."

"A few years ago I had cause to seek Crispin Blunt's help when my wife needed hospital treatment. Due to his intervention, my wife was quickly seen and obtained the necessary treatment without further undue delay. I shall always be grateful for his help. I have also had reason to write to him concerning matters relating to the estate where I live, and he has always been helpful in resolving the issues. From my point of view, I regard him as a very good constituency MP.”

"I am writing this letter to say thank you very much for your help and support during the family crisis I had early this year. Although a British citizen, I was born in Syria and still have almost all my family in Syria. Early this year I lost a few relatives after a huge explosion in my town. That catastrophe made me very anxious and depressed not knowing what to do or who to speak to. It was very supportive to receive your call to offer your help in this matter. The information you provided me was very useful about on-going activities to support Syria and I managed to attend some of them and to express my views and opinion about the humanity crisis in Syria. I was very pleased to have this valued support from our local MP. It made me feel that I am secured and protected."

"I have known Crispin for many years. When I ran a pre school playgroup that was in difficulty looking for a location he helped in the search an there after came to our annual sports day. In my role as District Commissioner for Reigate Priory Girlguiding and later Division Commissioner for Reigate Girlguiding he was happy to be our Ambassador, and happy to support the Guide Association in the area in any way he could. He is always interested in what is going on and as we have over 2000 girls and women in guiding in the area we appreciate his support.”

"I would like to express my sincere appreciation for all of the help and action which Mr Blunt has taken as my MP. I have visited Mr Blunt at his surgeries and been in touch with him our a number of matters over the past 10 years in which he has proved himself to be very knowlegeble, hardworking, reliable and an effectve member of parliament for the Reigate constituency.”

"I have found you to be an excellent MP. Hard working, sensitive and always ready to make a contribution to any request within your remit.”

 "I wrote to Mr Blunt last year as I required his assistance in following up an application made to the home office on behalf of a family member last year, after waiting 12 months and having no response from the home office . I resorted to sending an email to Mr Blunt as the MP for Reigate. I received an acknowledgment within days and also a request for further information to investigate. Within two weeks we received clarification to our enquiry from Mr Blunt. I was extremely grateful and very impressed with the prompt response... Many thanks again.”

"Without your help, I would not be getting any new teeth implants from our Health Service. They simply would not answer any of my letters. However they did in short order when you intervened on my behalf. That was the second time you took up cudgels on my behalf with the Health Service. Both times only your help made any difference to the outcome. Both of which were favourable. You also helped my then teenage son over fifteen years ago with an anti-social behaviour problem he experienced in Redhill. I believe you do work very hard indeed for your constituents both collectively and individually and I sincerely hope you will remain our MP for long into the future."

"I only have praise for the way Crispin Blunt dealt promptly with my request for assistance. Once he was involved the issue I had raised was referred to a senior level and a resolution was quickly forthcoming, when previously I had been ignored. Thank you."

"I had a business trip to Africa in 2011 and got my valuables stolen including my traveling documents. On returning to the UK with a temporary entry permit, the Home Office refuses to regularise my documents for about seven months with an excuse that investigation has not been concluded. I was then introduced to Crispin who promptly stepped in and within a week, UKBA wrote to apologise for the unnecessary delay and promised to get back shortly. With Crispin’s unrelenting efforts, I got all the documents sorted out in less than a month after his intervention. I have also introduced some of my neighbours within Redhill to him and they have return with good testimonies. Thank you Crispin Blunt and please keep the good work of supporting your constituency going.”

"Crispin is an excellent constituency MP who is always there when support is required. He is always willing to help those in need regardless of political persuasion and is always at the forefront when good causes need support. This has been demonstrated recently in his support of the fund raising for Reigate Priory Cricket Club's new pavilion where work has commenced which will enable more people in the community to have access to playing cricket including girls and disabled youngsters."

"I have always gone directly to Crispin Blunt for any help or advice as I know that I will always get a quick response and he will do all he can to resolve any issues. My late Mother also had to contact him in the past and he even went to her home and met her face to face.”

"On the occasion I had to contact Mr Blunt and his staff for help I had been having my problem for a while and would like to say that I couldn't have had a more helpful and pleasant experience.”

"Crispin Blunt has my full support... His work for his constituents is much underestimated and underrated. The fact that he walloped our bowlers for 87 earlier this year won't deter me from voting for him...”

"I write to thank you as my local Member of Parliament for when you intervened in my dispute with Thames Water to rectify a persistent problem related to the foul water mains drain situated outside my property. On my own I was getting nowhere when you kindly intervened on my behalf, matters were brought to a swift conclusion together with an apology. My thanks for your work on my behalf - this is exactly what I would expect from my local MP, party politics should and did not come into it."

"Crispin has supported Reigate Priory Cricket Club & the local community very well. He is very valuable and helpful MP.”

"I am writing to support my MP Crispin Blunt. For three years I had a serious problem with the LSC. The insisted that I owed a sum of money, which was double that of which I was aware on my Legal Aid bill on my present home. I knew this was incorrect. My case went through two Ombudsmen during this period with an unbelievable amount of correspondence and telephone calls. Eventually I was told that I still owed the said sum of money and that I could take the situation no further. On saying I was still not happy and I knew the sum of money they said I owed it was suggested that I could contact my local MP. Mr Crispin Blunt was my MP and I arranged a meeting with him and my son. He was most professional and very helpful. I left him with an outline of the case together with all relevant papers. Within a month Mr Crispin Blunt had contacted Westminster and secured a response that showed their figure was incorrect and I did not owe the figure they were insisting I owed. My case started at the beginning of January 2010 and has just been finalised. I felt intense relief and was truly indebted to Mr Crispin Blunt for all his help in what was a very stressful situation."

"I moved to Redhill in 2001. I met Crispin soon after while playing for Reigate Priory Cricket Club. I left the area in 2009. While living in the area I got know Crispin through cricket, and also wrote to him on a number of occasions regarding personal and business matters. I was (and remain) mightily impressed by his honesty and his willingness to help a constituent. I couldn't think of anyone better to represent the people of the Reigate constituency.”

"I wish to comment that I have visited Mr Blunt on two occasions and he has supported me immensely. His support has been of great benefit to myself with an ongoing issue. He always makes time to sit and listen to me and does not hesitate to put constructive comments over and how he is going to support me. Nothing is too much for him. I have total confidence in Mr Blunt and would not hesitate to go to him again for his support."

"Crispin is a great MP and works tirelessly for this constituency. I support him 100%."

"Thank you, I would like to let you know that you & Teresa were so helpful. I am also glad that you have your army experience so you can be wise when it comes to the life & death decisions you must sometimes partake in; it will also help you know how to judge which important things can be done, as in Linda's & my case.”

"an excellent constituency MP taking up causes as requested and helping a number of people I know with a variety of issues.”

"Very helpful MP."

"I have found Mr Blunt to be a hard-working MP, always very much involved in the community, with the local people, and deeply involved with local community events in his constituency. I have found him to be very prominent locally and nationally in helping people, as well as in progressing the common person’s concerns in Parliament where necessary. This is what is required of a local MP, he has been the epitome of what the people need in the Parliament to represent their voice. Further, I have found him very helpful in dealing with and taking up local issues, and highlighting these to the appropriate people involved in the government, especially by way of his weekly surgeries held in Reigate.”

"...I basically vote for the man. You have always been very responsive and responsible in all our communications, which have ranged from Tax Evasion and Avoidance, HMRC's disastrous charity attempts, the Syrian conflict and vote, and I believe you have always been sincere. And just lately you have stuck, "like a dog with a bone", to a serious issue I've had with the DVLA and made common sense prevail. You succeeded where I'd already given up. In short, you have done - and are doing - a great job.”

"I agree that you and also Teresa were a great help to me in my struggle to get sense out of Raven Housing."

"I've personally experienced Crispin Blunt's dedication to serve his constituents. I found his office approachable and his team demonstrated a culture of service excellence. I support Crispin Blunt's re-selection."

"a huge supporter of causes in the local community and long may it continue."

"I am very pleased to have known Crispin as a friend and cricketing team mate for the last sixteen years. Besides his integrity and loyalty, what impresses me most is the effort he puts in to help constituents overcome the obstacles that officialdom can put in the way of those in difficulty or distress. A very committed campaigner for Reigate as well."

"10 or so years ago, a few years after his election to be Reigate's MP, Crispin was instrumental in saving the sports ground at St Albans Road for Mickleham School, the Nutley Hall and Reigate Prior Cricket Clubs from the developers and those that were advocating the selling off of school playing fields at that time. Although many of his peers may have questioned his actions, he chose to support local needs over political dogma and the sporting ambitions of many young children and those at both cricket clubs were realised and we continue to play at the ground, which we all thoroughly appreciate.”

"I have been a supporter of Crispin Blunt since he was first elected as an MP and he has been an excellent constituency MP, an excellent shadow minister and a pretty decent minister. He is intelligent and thoughtful and his stance on intervention in Syria was bold and has proved to be 100% correct. He has really made a difference.”

"I for one wholly endorse Crispin as my representative for local candidacy. His passion and enthusiasm for the community he serves is second to none and I have total belief in him as the right man for the job."

"Crispin is an excellent MP and a glowing example of what all MP's should aspire towards.”

"Crispin has done much to support our local cricket club, and I would like to reciprocate that support here.”

"i thank you and your staff for helping me with an issue previously and my family and i wish you all the best for the future."

"could not get a better MP. Has been a great help to my family on more than one occasion."

"I can not thank Crispin enough for all he has done for my family and I. We required NHS funding and had been pushed from pillar to post for almost 2 years and getting nowhere. Enough was enough! I wrote to Crispin who liased with the PCT and resolved the problem within a matter of weeks. I was very impressed with the prompt response and the professionalism that was displayed by Crispin and his team. Crispin dealt with the issue in a sensitve manner.”

"I feel immense pleasure to give my views in favour of Mr Crispin Blunt MP of Reigate Constituency as under: There is no doubt he is hardworking, pain taking, cooperative and efficient MP of his area. It is not out of place to mention here that whenever I requested him to help me in solving my personal problems and other matters he helped me whole heartedly.”

"Through Crispinn’s office I received excellent support and practical assistance for a problem my daughter was having with HMRC We had tried to solve the problem ourselves but seemed to keep hitting a brick wall. Through our MP’s service we finally reached a happy conclusion, when I then wrote to Crispin and also to his caseworker thanking them for their assistance. We were dealt with efficiently in an empathetic and non patronising way. Both my daughter and I were very impressed and would not hesitate to recommend local citizens to approach this MP when they have an appropriate difficulty with which they need help.”

"Without Mr Blunt's help I would not have had a favourable response from the NHS for new teeth implants. Twice he took up cudgels on my behalf with the NHS and both times it ended favourably. Mr Blunt works very hard indeed for his constituents both collectively and individually.”

"When I had an ongoing housing issue I went to Mr Blunt for his support in resolving the issue. He spoke the top person in the housing agency and within a few weeks I was back on track with my housing complaint. Thank you for your support in this matter, I am most grateful for your speedy response.”

"As a Reigate and Banstead Borough councillor between 2008-12, I am keenly aware of the respect Crispin commands, especially amongst the back benches of ordinary councillors, and more importantly amongst residents. It is difficult to overstate the benefits of having someone so down-to-earth who really listens with great attention to all your problems. Crispin quickly gets things done, making your concerns his top priority. After 16 years of serving Reigate, he’s done us all proud and I hope he will serve us for many more years.”

"I and my family are fairly new to the area and we were faced with lots of challenges that I will not go into the details. However, when we consulted Crispin as our local MP, he responded very quickly and as a result we were able to overcome the hurdles we were experiencing. I must commend Crispin for his professionalism, ability to listen and respond to local residents in the local area. Word of mouth also has it that he is very helpful and reliable.”

"...During a recent dispute with network rail that had been on going for over two years Crispin and his colleague Teresa were a massive help in getting the dispute sorted. During this dispute we had tried every avenue to get it resolved in our favour. As a final attempt at getting the issue resolved we contacted Crispin's office. Once Crispin found out about our issue he, along with Teresa devoted a great deal of time and effort representing us to network rail and did not let up until the matter was 100% resolved. This has been the only time I have felt the need to contact a local MP and I have to say that the support that he has given us along with Teresa was incredible. I am sure that without there help we would still be waiting for this matter to be resolved.” 

"Just a short note to say that I have needed the guidance and services of Crispin from time to time over the past few years, and I have always found both his and his offices support most welcome, useful and timely. Therefore I would suggest that Crispin and his office seem hard working and effective advocates for Reigate & Banstead constituents.”

"From my experiences and those of many people I know Crispin has been a superb local MP. He has been hugely supportive of Reigate Priory Cricket Club in their efforts to bring about the redevelopment of their clubhouse and their future vision to maintain a wonderful cricket and sporting complex for the community. His efforts have played a major part in the club's success. He has also helped many club members on personal and business issues. An excellent well liked, approachable local MP.”

"Crispin is a excellent, hardworking representative for our community, regularly seen to be putting great support behind good local projects and worthwhile issues and to maintaining Reigate as a decent place to live, in so many ways. Approachable, knowledgeable, dynamic and very helpful.”

"Crispin Blunt's work to get squatting in residential buildings criminalised was second to none. By taking up this fight, he closed one of the most bizarre loopholes in British property law. Nobody sensible could understand why it hadn't been done years earlier - yet it was Crispin who had the drive to make the change a reality."

 “You Are A Good Man & have the Heart of the size of a Stella System."

"I remember from a personal experience that you are a good person and have been a very good MP. You, sir, stood by us in the Police custody issue against all odds. You deserve to win this seat more than any one else... You are not aware that in the last hearing of the custody issue I had also telephoned the Labour personal who was standing against you and requested that he should attend and support our cause but you know that he never turned up. From that day onward you converted a life time Labour supporter to a Conservative voter. Thank you.”

"I have long admired Crispin's hard work, determination and loyalty to his constituents in progressing and representing their concerns so tenaciously in Westminster.”

"Our hospital has had many challenges over previous years and Crispin has always been there for us. He is too modest to say it himself, but he was instrumental in securing the Department of Health's support for the many improvements made over the past few years enabling the clinical teams to thrive. He is always positive, always helpful and does what he says he will. Thank you Crispin! He is the strongest supporter that our hospital has ever had.”

"I used to be employed in Mr Blunt's constituency. He took a keen and knowledgeable interest in my employer's business. When the business ran into a complex technical and political problem, he grasped it far more quickly and thoroughly than anyone else from whom we sought help. And he took helpful action.”

"Crispin has ... always been fully involved with local issues and always aware of the interests of the local electorate. He always answers one's concerns and is a perfect representative of our constituency.”

"I don't generally vote conservative, but I do appreciate having an efficient and responsive MP.”

"Whilst I am politically opposite to Mr Blunt, I will say that in my dealings with him, and in his performance and bearing of his duties as the MP for Reigate, I cannot, honestly fault him. I certainly feel that he is one of the most accessible ones, is not a "soundbite" type of MP, takes his job seriously...”

"I sought your assistance over the serious concern of Gatwick airport noise. This was the first time I had contacted any political representative. I had no expectation that an MP would help and that they would cite pressure of work etc.. BUT you responded furthermore you met me at Gatwick airport with all the officials one needed to speak to AND you got some answers AND you improved lower aircraft noise by deviating aircraft. I will be forever grateful. Right from the "get go" you were up to speed with the problems, posing very insightful questions and not accepting glib answers. I was very impressed anybody would be. A few years later you had a very courageous decision to make where public duty and personal life should have been kept separate and the lines respected. I greatly admired your dignified conduct throughout. I supported you then and I fully support you now. I vote for the man also not just the various current party line/gimmick. You are proven MP, may you continue to be so, offering further assistance to this country in further and higher office." 

"Crispin is an excellent MP and was a first-rate minister. Crispin was instrumental in helping Mike on his campaign to get squatting in residential properties criminalised. The country is a better place with this law and Crispin helped make this happen."