What colleagues say about Crispin

The quotes you can read below are taken from messages left by Crispin's colleagues in Parliament at the time of his re-selection as the Conservative Candidate for Reigate in 2013:


"I shall take this opportunity to pay tribute to (Crispin) as a constituency MP, for standing up for people and businesses in Reigate and for knowing that what Reigate needs is what the country needs, which is to stand up for hardworking people and to get more businesses, more jobs and more investment turning our country around." - Rt Hon David Cameron, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom


"I’ve known Crispin for many years as an outstanding colleague, MP, Minister and friend. He has dedicated his life to serving his Party, Country and Constituency with distinction and principle, both in Parliament and in the Armed Forces. I hope he continues to do so after the next election." - Rt Hon George Osborne, Chancellor of the Exchequer


"Crispin is much respected in Parliament and since 1997 has served with dedication and distinction as Member for Reigate, as a Shadow Minister and Whip and latterly as Criminal Justice Minister. We have always been impressed with the robust and indefatigable way that Crispin stands up for his constituents and the constituency of Reigate in Parliament and with Government and its agencies. Whether it is a matter of individual or of general concern to his constituents, Crispin pursues all issues with enormous vigour and determination. As Surrey MPs we all gain from the energy he brings to fighting Surrey's corner and all Surrey's residents are in his debt for the battles he has fought and continues to fight to help improve Surrey's financial settlement. He is a great asset to Reigate, to Surrey and to Parliament. " -Jonathan Lord MP, Sir Paul Beresford MP, Rt. Hon. Michael Gove MP, Sam Gyimah MP, Rt. Hon. Phillip Hammond MP, Rt. Hon. Jeremy Hunt MP, Anne Milton MP, Dominic Raab MP


" Crispin Blunt has been a good colleague, a very competent Minister and an excellent parliamentary performer and I am delighted to support him in whatever way I can. Brian Binley " - Brian Binley MP


"Crispin worked with me in the Shadow Home Affairs team and was both diligent and a really effective performer for our Party. I know him as both a neighbour and colleague and believe Parliament would be a poorer place without him. I hope he will receive your support. " - Rt Hon Chris Grayling MP, Secretary of State for Justice


"Crispin is an active and conscientious MP who regularly raises constituency matters in Parliament. His speeches on probation, the foreign affairs and the NHS are keenly followed by colleagues. He was an exemplary Minister always keen to help those of us in marginal seats and is a well respected Parliamentarian." - Robin Walker MP


"I had the privilege of working with Crispin at the Ministry of Justice when we were both ministers there and he was the best of colleagues - brave, principled, hard-working and committed to his brief. I've also worked with Crispin in the Commons where he shows the same virtues, and I've seen him raise issues on behalf his constituents with characteristic tenacity. Crispin is a great MP, an asset to the Party and a friend, and I hope that he receives the support in his constituency which he deserves."" – Rt Hon Nick Herbert MP


"As so many other MPs have said in their messages, Crispin is a great colleague. One further point about the next General Election, if we may. We both witnessed at first hand fantastic mutual aid going from Reigate to Guildford at the Election in 2005. Indeed, that mutual aid proved absolutely crucial in helping us to win back the Guildford constituency from the LibDems by just 347 votes. In 2015, Reigate can again play an important role in helping to win other key marginal seats in the South East and thereby helping David Cameron to secure the overall Conservative majority that the country needs. This will be infinitely easier to do if the 'home front' in Reigate is secure because a well known, well liked and well respected local MP has been re-selected as the Parliamentary candidate." - Sir Paul Beresford MP and Jonathan Lord MP


"I knew Crispin's parents before he was elected to Parliament as the Member for Reigate, so when he became an MP he was no stranger to me. Throughout the time that he has represented Reigate Crispin has been an outstanding Parliamentarian, active in the House raising issues on behalf of his constituents and latterly as a first class Minister. He has made a considerable contribution to improving the justice system in this country. He is conscientious, hard working, courteous, a real gentleman. He is also highly intelligent with an ability to quickly grasp and master detail.I have the highest regard for Crispin Blunt. I very much hope he is readopted as the candidate for Reigate." - David Amess MP


"Crispin has been a friend and colleague since 1997, unstinting in his commitment to Parliament and to representing his constituents. He is an independently minded MP who makes an important contribution in the House of Commons." - Graham Brady MP, Chairman of the 1922 Committee


"Thanks is a commodity often in short supply at Westminster but I and others will always be grateful for the thoughtful help you gave to those of us in the 2010 intake struggling to find our feet in this strange place. And also for the independent line you have taken on important defence matters in which we share an interest. Good luck and best wishes." - Christopher Pincher MP


"Crispin is a great asset to Parliament. I know how hard you for work for your constituents the enormous contribution you continue to make to public life. Crispin, you have my full support and I look forward to working with you for many years to come in Parliament. All the best. Adam" - Adam Afriyie MP


"Crispin and I were elected to the House in 1997. We have been friends every since - not just political friends but personal friends as well. We worked together as Shadow Ministers and I have always found him a supportive and trusted colleague. I regard him as an MP who works hard to put the interests of his constituents to the forefront of his political activities. I would be very sorry to see him leave the House." - Rt Hon Dominic Grieve QC Attorney General


"I have found Crispin to be a hard working colleague and very committed to his constituency work, too. He adds a good deal. He also has the courage to speak his mind. I very much hope he is able to continue to do so. " - Andrew Tyrie MP


"Having worked closely with Crispin on a range of issues that affect both our constituencies, I have grown to respect Crispin a great deal. He is a dedicated and committed colleague who stands up for his constituents, and I hope that he will have the opportunity to continue to do so for many years to come. " - Sam Gyimah MP


"I just thought I would drop you a short note to say how very sorry I was to hear of your difficulties in Reigate. You have always been extremely kind and thoughtful to me during my brief time in the House of Commons. Your advice and common sense has been (and continues to be) invaluable. Your knowledge of the prisons and judicial system is invaluable." - Oliver Colvile MP


"In my experience, Crispin Blunt has always been a very effective campaigner on behalf of his constituents - bringing knowledge, experience and tenacity to bear." - Greg Clark MP


"I have known Crispin since before his election to the Commons and have worked with him throughout his time as an MP. He is always assiduous in taking up the concerns of his constituents, clear in speaking out about the causes in which he believes and courteous to political allies and opponents alike. I hope that he will be in the Commons again after the 2015 election." - Rt Hon David Lidington MP


"I have know Crispin for many years as a colleague and as a friend. We have worked together on a number of issues for the Party, but in particular on the enormously important work the Party carries out in the Middle East. The Conservative Middle East Council was formed under Margaret Thatcher, 33 years ago but, in 2005 it was starting to flag. With David Cameron's support, Crispin not only out it back on its feet, but made it into a professional and well respected organisation, both within and outside the Party. The work that CMEC undertook in the five years leading up to the 2010 General Election was instrumental in the excellent relationship the Government now enjoys with the region." - The Baroness Morris of Bolton OBE DL


"I have known Crispin Blunt for over fifteen years and know him to be an excellent MP for Reigate. He works tirelessly for his constituents. His military background has been very useful in Parliament during a period when there were few MPs with military experience. In addition to looking after his constituents, he has had the added responsibility of being Shadow Minister in Opposition and, of course, was a Minister in the Ministry of Justice in an extremely difficult post. He is a thoughtful politician, not always taking the easy route. I know him best because of his interest in foreign affairs but he has played a significant role in promoting Britain’s interests in the Middle East. I hope he will continue in Westminster as MP for Reigate for many years to come." - The Rt Hon the Lord Lamont of Lerwick


"I have had occasion to work with Crispin Blunt both with his interest in foreign affairs and more recently during his time at the Ministry of Justice. I have always found Crispin straightforward and honourable in expressing his views. I have no hesitation in describing him as a vigorous and effective Member of Parliament." - The Rt Hon the Lord Hurd of Westwell CH CBE


"I have known Crispin for the best part of two decades since he was Special Adviser at the Ministry of Defence. He has always been a doughty and eloquent champion of Conservative values and principles, a forthright and sturdy ambassador for the people of Reigate, and a most dependable, valued and trusted colleague in all the roles he has performed so well for our Party. " - Lord Black of Brentwood


"Crispin, it has been a real privilege to work with you ever since 1997. You are a real team player and a very hard-working MP. Your constituents are very fortunate to have you respresenting them. You are also a very nice bloke." - Rt.Hon. John Randall MP


"I have always regarded Crispin Blunt as able and conscientious even though I have not always agreed with his views. I am sure he still has much to offer the Reigate Constituency and the House of Commons." - Lord (Michael) Howard of Lympne


"I have been privileged to know Crispin for 8 years, mainly through his diligent work and enthusiastic involvement in the field of foreign affairs. When I was enobled as a Peer in 2006, I approached Crispin for guidance on certain issues and always found him very obliging and willing to help. He is a kind man of an extremely pleasant disposition and maintains a sense of sincerity sometimes taken for granted in politics. From a professional point of view, I always found him to be extremely knowledgeable and fair in his assessments; he maintained a good grasp of problems and always suggested equitable solutions. In particular, he has always been very keen for an Israeli-Palestinian settlement. Crispin is also to be appreciated for organising the infamous cricket matches between British Parliamentarians and those from abroad. These kind of light-hearted engagements help to build relationships and foster better understanding between people of different countries and cultures. He is a good man, a good politician and a fine representative for the Conservative Party, and I would certainly suggest he is retained as Member of Parliament. " - Lord Sheikh


"I am delighted to support Crispin Blunt in his campaign to remain as MP for Reigate. He is one of the most effective and determined parliamentary colleagues in the Party. He and I worked together closely when we were both serving on the House of Commons Defence Select Committee and he has brought his experience from the Army to bear on many occasions. " - Julian Brazier TD MP


"Crispin Blunt is a hard-working level-headed Member of Parliament who is widely respected across the House. I have known Crispin for many years and he has helped my countless times in my political career, both when I was a Member of the European Parliament and especially since I became MP for Daventry in 2010. I have huge respect for him as a person and as a Parliamentarian." - Chris Heaton-Harris MP


"I strongly commend Crispin Blunt as MP for Reigate. I first met him in 2004, when he was very helpful to me winning my marginal seat of Hammersmith & Fulham from Labour the following year. He has always been someone who takes the job very seriously, has served the Party with flair and talent, and has always promoted the interests of his Reigate constituents as a constituency MP and as a Government Minister..." - Greg Hands MP


"I entered the House in 1997 with Crispin Blunt MP. Throughout that time he has been an unfailingly helpful and highly effective colleague in the House of Commons. I served with him in the Opposition Whips Office where his efficiency and diligence were well known throughout the House. I also served with him in the last Parliament in the Shadow Home Affairs team where he was Shadow Minister for Security. Here he brought a huge wealth of experience from his former career and was, as ever, an exemplary colleague and team player. It was, therefore, no surprise to me that he was confirmed in 2010 as a Justice Minister." - David Ruffley MP


"Crispin, You have my full support. It is clear from the time that I have known you that you are an incredibly hardworking MP who stands up for his constituents." - David Davies


"I have known Crispin Blunt 1994 as a special adviser to Malcolm Rifkind, as Secretary of State for Defence, and further as an MP and Shadow minister during the long dark years after 1997. We served again together as Ministers post 2010 and in all those roles I can state that Crispin was principled, assiduous and effective. It has always been a pleasure to work alongsde him and long my he continue to serve Reigate and his country as a Member of Parliament" - Lord Henley


"It has been a pleasure and a privilege to work with Crispin as both a friend and a collegaue. He always works to the very highest standards and always stands up for what he knows is right. Crispin has my unreserved support." - Anne Milton MP


"I have known Crispin since being elected in 2010 and think he is a superb representative for Reigate. He speaks up frequently for his local issues and also on Armed Forces and many other matters." - Claire Perry


"Crispin is a first class MP and a much valued colleague." - Karen Bradley MP


"I have been a colleague of Crispin’s since 1997. He has been a consistently thoughtful, conscientious and effective Member of parliament, both for his constituents in Reigate and his Party. During my term as Secretary of State for Health, I especially recall his dedicated work to secure helpful interventions at Surrey and Sussex NHS Trust and East Surrey Hospital Hospital, which I know had a big impact." - Rt Hon Andrew Lansley CBE MP


"I am writing to express my support for Crispin Blunt in his re-adoption as parliamentary candidate for Reigate. Crispin is an excellent Member of Parliament and always eager to collaborate with his Conservative colleagues. In opposition, he always made valuable contributions in the chamber and I was very pleased to see his hard work rewarded when he was appointed as a junior minister in the Ministry of Justice after the most recent general election. Crispin and I don't agree on everything, but he has my unqualified support for reselection and indeed re-election. I have been proud to sit in the Commons on the same benches as he does and it would be a serious loss to the House were we to be deprived of his contribution and service. I look forward to many more years of working alongside Crispin here in Westminster,and trust the members of the Association in Reigate will make the right decision." - Sir Edward Leigh MP


"Since my election in 2010, it has been a pleasure to work alongside Crispin. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience on issues ranging from Justice to Business to Defence, and is a true advocate for Reigate. Crispin is and has always been a patriotic and dedicated servant of our country, as an Army Officer, a Minister, and a backbench MP, and I firmly believe we need more people like him in our Parliament, not less. I very much hope to see him back here after 2015." - Jack Lopresti MP


"Crispin Blunt and I entered the House as Surrey MPs at the same time. Over the last 16 years, we have worked together on many Surrey-wide issues of concern to our respective constituents. Throughout this period, Crispin has always been diligent in promoting his constituents’ interests and tireless in pursuing the various public and private service providers in Surrey to ensure proper delivery of the services our constituents need. As a constituency-focussed MP, Crispin provides a great service to the people of Reigate and I hope Reigate Conservatives will support him to continue delivering for his constituents. " - Rt Hon Philip Hammond, Secretary of State for Defence


"...Others will be better placed than I am to comment on your work as a constituency member. But so far as Parliament is concerned I can say without hesitation that your work and commitment combined with your loyalty to the Party are an example which we simply cannot afford to lose. As you know I spent nearly 10 years in the Whips office under Margaret Thatcher and I have to say that the way in which you manage to combine loyalty to our cause without giving up your own thinking is exactly what we need in the Parliamentary Party." - Rt Hon the Lord Garel-Jones


"Crispin was an outstanding Minister for Prisons and helped me hugely when I wrote my book on prison reform, Doing Time. I had never met Crispin before 2010 when I got elected. He is genuine, he is hardworking and he thinks problems through. He has my complete support" - Guy Opperman, MP for Hexham


"I have seen at first hand how Crispin stands up for his constituents. He is also a respected and popular parliamentarian who is never afraid to say what he believes is right." - Richard Benyon MP


"I have known Crispin throughout by time in Parliament, and worked with him both in opposition and then as fellow Ministers in the Government. He is a dedicated, hard working and thoroughly honourable colleague and a very effective fighter for Reigate. I hope very much that he will be able to continue to represent the constituency after the next election: he is a much respected colleague and a credit to our Party." - Bob Neill MP


"... In our sixteen and a half together in Parliament you have always struck me as a loyal and assiduous supporter of the Party both in Opposition and Government, no less so after we both left the Front Bench last year. You have always spoken up strongly for the interests of your constituents in Parliament and your contributions to debates and legislation in the areas of defence and foreign affairs in particular are always widely respected and listened to. It would be a great loss to the Party and your constituents if you were unable to continue representing them in the vigorous and proactive way you have always done so up to now." -Tim Loughton MP


"From my own particular interest in defence matters, I have always appreciated the contribution that you have been able to make from a background of real experience. My concern about the Commons is how few of the current members have real experience of things outside politics, the narrow channel up which they have progressed has too often been - University Conservative - Researcher - Special Adviser - Candidate. You are one of the few with a good background outside and the added advantage of hard ministerial experience in a very tough area. It is very much what is needed in the Commons now in the very tough world that we face." - The Rt Hon the Lord King of Bridgwater CH


"I first met Crispin when he was a Parliamentary candidate in the West Midlands. He impressed me by his diligence, determination and good humour and these were qualities which were much in evidence when he entered the House of Commons in 1997. He quickly made his mark as an active and effective MP, popular with his colleagues and always eager to advance the interests of his constituency and to serve his constituents. I left the House of Commons, after 40 years service, in 2010 but I know how far he has been widely regarded as a competent minister and that he has continued to enjoy the respect and confidence of his colleagues. I hope he will be able to play a part in Parliament for some years to come." - Rt Hon the Lord Cormack DL FSA


"I would certainly support your reselection and would in particular your important work as Minister for Prisons and the manner in which you represent your constituents here." - Jeremy Lefroy MP


"...He is an excellent parliamentarian and a good friend whose military background and in-depth knowledge of the foreign affairs, defence and justice briefs have been a real asset to the Conservative Party and to critical debates that are taking place on the floor of the House today. I would also salute his moral courage both at home and in Parliament, where he is never afraid to swim against the tide in order to do what he feels is best for his constituents and for the country..." - Rt Hon Richard Ottaway MP


"It has been a pleasure to work with you in Government and Parliament. It is crucially important that we represent the country as it is - there is no other way. Reigate can be proud of their voice in Parliament." - Chloe Smith MP


"... As you know our Parliamentary paths have crossed on many occasions and I have respected your dedication and commitment to the Party and national interest. Mostly we have been on the same side, particularly in the field of justice issues, together in the Shadow Justice team and then supporting the good work you did as Justice Minister. We have also been on different sides of the debate on issues like same sex marriage. As the leader of the Parliamentary opposition to same sex marriage we have a fundamental disagreement about this legislation, but I respect your view as I know you respect mine. One of the characteristics of the debate was the free vote on this issue of conscience and the open debate we held in the Conservative Party. A significant number of members in my association, including executive members, did not agree with my views on same sex marriage but respected my right as an MP to speak and vote according to my conscience. I recall during the passing of the legislation, you were particularly concerned with responding to issues raised by your constituents, by for example supporting possible amendments which would avoid the State redefining marriage. ... since your return to the backbenches, it is clear that you have been working hard in Parliament. You have fully taken advantage of your freedom to speak up on many significant issues facing your constituents and our country." - David Burrowes MP


"I have known Crispin since he was elected to the House in 1997, and worked with him when he was a minister in the Ministry of Justice and I was Leader of the House. He was a highly competent minister, who took his responsibilities seriously and was always well-briefed in the speeches he gave. We both left the government last year but I subsequently returned as Chief Whip. I welcome the contributions that Crispin makes from the backbenches, and I also welcome the support which he has given to the coalition government in the division lobbies. I very much hope that he is able to contest his seat again, and support the next Conservative administration." - Rt Hon Sir George Young Bt CH MP, Government Chief Whip


"I have known Crispin for 20 years ever since I served as a Defence Minister and he was Malcolm Rifkind’s special adviser. For all that time we have found ourselves working closely together on international, national and local issues including the middle east, defence and the on-going campaign to protect our constituencies being devastated by the consequences of doubling the size of Gatwick airport. On all these issues I couldn’t have wished for a more effective and determined colleague to have alongside. Over the years Crispin has become a good friend as well as a great advocate for all the causes we have in common. I sincerely hope Reigate Conservatives give Crispin the chance to continue his work on their behalf. Any other outcome would be quite bizarre." - Rt Hon Nicholas Soames MP


"I was surprised to hear that your association's executive council had not supported your re-adoption as the Conservative Parliamentary candidate for Reigate at the next general election. I hope very much, however, that you will persuade members of your association to support your candidacy. You are an industrious, intelligent and compassionate Member of Parliament who cares deeply about issues that affect your constituents as well as important national and international issues. You play an important part in the political life of the House of Commons. I also believe your approach to politics makes you a candidate that will attract strong support in a general election campaign. In my view, you were a first rate Prisons Minister. I saw this first hand in the way you responded to the problems at Ford Prison in my constituency in 2011. Your energetic and swift action helped enormously and I am grateful to you for that. In recent months we have both served on the Joint Scrutiny Committee on Prisoner Voting where your experience and insight have added weight to the committee's deliberations. I wish you every success in the forthcoming ballot." - Nick Gibb MP


"Crispin is a dedicated MP and parliamentarian and I fully support his re-selection as the Parliamentary Candidate for Reigate. I very much hope he is once again given the chance to serve his constituents with the same dedication and tenacity as he has done in his long and distinguished career of public service both in Government and on the backbenches." - George Freeman MP


"Crispin is a hardworking constituency MP. Since 1997, he has successfully represented Reigate in the House of Commons. I worked with Crispin when he served as a Special Advisor, his wealth of experience and passion for the job are clear in everything he does." - David Rutley MP


"Crispin has been an excellent MP in the house. He is always forthright in standing up in Parliament and speaking out for his constituents. He is a valued colleague and I wish him well." - Elizabeth Truss MP


"As a near neighbour MP am pleased to support Crispin who in my experience has always been a diligent contributor in the Commons." -Henry Smith MP (Crawley)

"There are two qualities that mark out the very best members of parliament, and they are courage and integrity. I know of nobody in the House who displays these qualities more than Crispin Blunt. " - Rt Hon David Davis MP


"I have known Crispin for over 10 years now and it has been a privilege to count him as a friend as well as Parliamentary colleague. He has proved to be a loyal and extremely hard-working MP both in the House and to his constituents. I have no hesitation in offering my support for his reselection." - Tobias Ellwood MP


"Crispin Blunt served in the whip's office between 2004 and 2009 where I was first deputy Chief Whip and then, from 2005, opposition Chief Whip. During this time, Crispin served with absolute professionalism, excellence and loyalty to the Conservative Party. Throughout our time working together, I always knew that I could count on Crispin. Equally, I know Crispin to be an extremely effective MP who serves his constituents with dedication and integrity. He is a man of principle and a credit to the Conservative Party, to parliament and to the people of Reigate. I greatly hope he will continue to serve Reigate after the 2015 election." - Rt Hon Patrick McLoughlin MP


"I very much hope that the electors of Reigate will re-elect Crispin Blunt to Parliament at the next Election. He was my Junior Minister at the Department of Justice for over two years and made an extremely valuable contribution to the work of the Government. I found him an excellent and loyal colleague to work with and his opinion was always valuable. I have of course known Crispin for many years and I believe that my opinion of him is shared by the vast majority of colleagues in Parliament." - Rt Hon Kenneth Clarke QC MP


"Crispin Blunt is not only a Parliamentary colleague but also my predecessor as Minister for Prisons and Probation. As a long serving Minister in that role, I know that he is widely respected by those who work with offenders as a Minister who took a genuine and deep interest in the rehabilitation of offenders and a great deal of the policy we are implementing now is based on the work he did." - Jeremy Wright MP


"Throughout my time as a minister, Crispin worked tirelessly in advocating the views of his constituents in Reigate. He is a thoroughly hardworking MP and I hope he is returned to the House after the next election." - Rt Hon Michael Fallon MP


"I have known Crispin Blunt since he became Special Advisor to the Secretary of State for Defence under whom I had served as a minister. I saw much of Crispin when he was elected to Reigate in 1997 and I was chairman of the 1922 Committee of backbench MPs. We also met regularly at joint meetings involving both our constituencies of Reigate and Epsom and Ewell. I always found Crispin to be diligent and concerned about his constituents' interests as well as being a very decent man to work with. I hope he will continue to represent Reigate in Parliament. He still has much to give and deserves no less. " - Rt Hon Lord Hamilton of Epsom

"I was extremely surprised to learn that you are not to be re-adopted as the Conservative candidate for Reigate without having to go through a full re-selection process. I have no idea why this is so or what your association hopes to achieve by this but from my experience of working with you for the last 17 or 18 years as a fellow Conservative MP, Opposition front bencher and Government minister I find their decision puzzling to say the least. You have always struck me as a hard working, articulate and dedicated representative of your constituents and the Conservative Party in Westminster and a determined fighter for the civilised causes that you and I and, I thought, the Conservative Party, stood for. You have dealt with issues as varied as prisons and the courts through to British interests in the Middle East and Arab world, you have taken the trouble to travel throughout the country to address and learn from other Conservative constituency associations, not least my own in Harborough, and led delegations to the Middle East and you have experience of life outside Parliament, sadly not something that so many of our colleagues can claim, in the army and business. If this demand for re-selection has been prompted by your private life I am appalled; the domestic life of an MP should not have anything to do with anyone but the MP and his or her family. I sincerely hope therefore that your record in Parliament and in Reigate will ensure your return to the Commons after the next general election. " - Sir Edward Garnier QC MP


"Crispin was a very effective prisons minister and did a great deal to instil proper work in prisons and secure improvements in the rehabilitation of offenders. Since he left the MoJ, Crispin has been a very effective MP speaking up for Reigate and other important issues in Parliament. Although I was on the other side of the debate myself, I did admire Crispin's speech on the question of military intervention in Syria. I suspect that in that debate he was not only speaking on principle but also on behalf of the majority of his constituents." - Margot James MP


"I have known Crispin for a number of years as a very effective and much respected Member of Parliament. I hope he will be given the opportunity to continue to stand for re-election in Reigate." - Rt Hon Lord Jenkin

"I should be grateful if you would arrange for those concerned to be aware that my view is that it would be a mistake for the Association to do otherwise than re-adopt you." - Rt Hon Lord Goodlad KCMG


"Crispin is his own man; that is to say he holds honestly and at times bravely to hid own beliefs. For this he is liked, no to say admired by many of his political contemporaries. It would be sad if the Reigate Conservative Association were for the second time in recent history to deselect an MP of some stature." - Rt Hon Lord Spicer


"Since being elected to the House of Commons in 2005, I have sought to work on my passion of improving Anglo-Arab relations. As well as being the Chairman of the Libya and Saudi Arabia All Party Parliamentary Groups, I have created and subsequently chair the British Middle East and North Africa Council. There are over 250 MPs and Peers signed up to this group, of which Crispin is one. This is just one venture of many where I have witnessed Crispin's outstanding commitment to and knowledge of Middle Eastern affairs. Crispin was the Chairman of the Conservative Middle East Council from 2003 to 2008, overseeing one of the bodies most successful periods. He was also the joint chair of the Centre for Advancement of Arab British Understanding (CAABU) from 2004 2009. Most recently, he has completed three trips to Egypt, showing a genuine commitment to better understand the Egyptian political crisis and working to avert the collapse of an emerging democracy in that country. Crispin also led a delegation of the All Party Parliamentary Group for the United Arab Emirates to Dubai and Abu Dhabi that I participated in earlier this year. I was most impressed, as were the rest of my parliamentary colleagues, with his leadership and knowledge of affairs of the Emirates. This is one of the many reasons why Crispin has come to be known as an authority in Parliament on Middle Eastern affairs. As well as his reputation in Parliament, his standing in the Middle East is also well recognised, especially in business affairs. His passion for UK trade with the Gulf is impressive and he works to instil a better understanding of the region amongst British businesses. At such a crucial time for our country's economy, and with the fragile economies in the Euro Zone, it is crucial we look to secure and expand our markets in other regions of the world, especially in the Gulf. Crispin has real experience and achievements in this area, and I would be disappointed if he were not able to continue this valuable work." - Daniel Kawczynski MP


"Crispin is an outstanding Conservative colleague. A tireless hard worker and passionate about speaking up in Parliament for his constituents, Reigate residents couldn�t ask for a better champion than Crispin." - Rt Hon Gregory Barker MP


"I hope you will forgive me for writing to you about your own Member of Parliament,Crispin Blunt, and his service to the Conservative Party. I was most surprised and extremely sorry to hear that there are some in the Reigate Conservative Association who perhaps question his suitability as their MP. I have served with Crispin Blunt at the House of Commons for many years, both as a colleague and a friend. I can honestly say that I cannot think of any Members of the House of Commons who I would rather have looking after my interests if I were a constituent in some trouble, than Crispin Blunt. Crispin has always championed the interests of Reigate before anything else and it is an accepted fact that Reigate has received superb support and representation from Crispin throughout his time in Parliament. More than that he has shown great bravery on issues of principle in the House of Commons and the courage to stand out from the crowd where he believes the interests of his constituents, his Party or his country might be adversely affected. He is one of the bravest Members of Parliament I have ever met. The final point that I hope you will not mind me making is that he was an outstanding Minister of Justice bringing to that position the experience he had gleaned as a serving soldier in the British Army as well as his work in politics and in business. Were I a resident or a Conservative in Reigate I would be incredibly keen to hang on to Crispin's service and his support - both for the town and for my family's benefit - I very much hope that will be the view of many local Conservatives." - Rt Hon Andrew Mitchell MP

"When I was elected in 1992 I developed a close working relationship with the then MP for Reigate Sir George Gardiner and since 1997 have similarly worked with Crispin. Much in the world and in our politics has changed over those last twenty years and it�s important that we are principled Conservatives who understand the country we aspire to govern. Crispin is a very assiduous constituency MP, and is highly respected in Parliament on both sides of the chamber. His expertise in defence and foreign affairs- particularly the Middle East- is well recognised and he is a strong asset for his constituency, the Commons, and public service. I have no hesitation whatsoever in urging everyone in Reigate to readopt him as their MP." - Rt Hon Alan Duncan MP

"Crispin is an excellent MP and a real asset to the Conservative Party in Parliament. His work in the Justice field in the past few years has been thoughtful and very creative." - Rt Hon Damian Green MP


"Crispin is an able, well-informed and independent minded MP. His period as prisons minister was distinguished. He knows more about the Middle East and the threats to our security arising from the Middle East than the vast majority of MPs. He brings knowledge and clear judgement to debates and discussions. He is devoted to representing his constituents. Were he not reselected, his would be a meaningless loss to Parliament and public life. He should certainly not be punished for the courage and honesty he demonstrated coming to terms with his sexuality. Such integrity in public life is all too rare. Please vote to support his re-election." - Bernard Jenkin MP


"I was the Opposition Chief Whip from 2001 to 2005 and Crispin served as a Whip in the Office. He was selected for that post based on his ability and loyalty to the Conservative Party. He was an excellent Whip and then a very able and hard working Opposition spokesman. However he surpassed all my expectations when he was a Minister in the MoJ driving through fundamental reforms I could only dream of when I was a Home Office Minister in the late 1990s. Of course he has views on some issues which which I disagree, but then, don't we all? However he is a good Conservative and has loyally supported this Coalition Government when some others, who have ceased to be Ministers, have been critical. I respect the right of all Associations to make whatever choice they wish, but we are all part of the Conservative family and if we reject loyal, dedicated and hard-working MPs like Crispin then we will send a very bad signal to the public about our character as a Party. We are a broad church and rightly so, but our opponents would accuse us of being bigoted and we do not need to enter the next election with any more of those ridiculous accusations. I was pleased to have Crispin working as a whip in my office; I was happy to sit beside him in the House of Commons. He is an honourable man and I wish him success in his re-selection." - Rt Hon Lord Blencathra

"Crispin has been an outstanding colleague in the House of Commons and it was a pleasure to work with him in the Ministry of Justice. I do hope he is reselected for Reigate, so that he can continue to be a loyal MP, working hard for his constituents and contributing to the Government's work in making this country a better place for the future." - Mary Macleod MP


"I have had the good fortune to work with Crispin both in Opposition and in Government. In my view he is a highly effective parliamentarian with that essential combination for an MP of being highly principled, a clear thinker and assiduous in whatever he undertakes. " - The Earl Howe


"Ever since I first met Crispin when he was 13 I have always been impressed by his deep sense of public service and commitment. Through hard work and sacrifice he has dutifully served nation, parliament and constituency and done so consistently for many years. I give him my full and unqualified support." - Lord Strathclyde CH


"I am sorry to hear about the challenges you are facing, and I just wanted to let you know how very much I admire the work you have done in Parliament and at the Ministry of Justice. As you know, we had a great deal to do with one another when you were at the Ministry of Justice. I think I can safely say that you made an enormously significant contribution. I believe that one of the things this Government will be remembered for is the way it has begun to reduce crime by paying more effective attention to the rehabilitation of offenders and of drug addicts - and you can certainly claim a significant part of the credit for that. This is a lasting achievement, which is symptomatic of the distinguished contribution you have made as a Parliamentarian." - Rt Hon Oliver Letwin MP


"Crispin Blunt worked for me for 4 years when I was Secretary of State for Defence and then Foreign Secretary. I was delighted when he entered the House of Commons as MP for Reigate. I know him to be a man of the highest integrity, dedicated to his constituents and to Parliament. He served ably as a Minister and is a considerable asset to the House of Commons. I have no hesitation in endorsing him and would be happy to travel to Reigate to reassure anyone who needed to be convinced!" - Sir Malcolm Rifkind MP


"I have known you now for many years, and as well as working together both in the whips office, and on the Front Bench, I have had the chance to campaign with you on many different issues. I have also had the chance to see you in action in the Chamber, on Committee and working with outside organisations. I have nothing but the highest admiration for you and I have also noticed that many of your campaigns have been either geared to or aimed at key issues in your own constituency. You have been an indefatigable champion for Reigate, not just in terms of standing up for the constituency as a whole, but also taking up the cases of many constituents who have required your help in their hour of need. In conclusion, it is my view that you are a truly outstanding MP, someone who is widely regarded and respected across the whole House... the Reigate constituency really could not be better served." - Henry Bellingham MP


"As a new MP you take quiet stock of all around you, trying to separate wind from substance: ambition from ability and judgement from intellect. Crispin, unusually in this place, is quiet until he wants to say something. But on those issues where he has something to contribute, he will say it loud. Crispin adds a lot to Parliament especially through his wide knowledge of defence and foreign affairs. When big issues come up - what response to Syrian chemical weapons? - he has views, articulates the and challenges any consensus. I have no doubt that Reigate punches above its weight in Parliamentary debates because of its MP's reputation and knowledge, and his known independence of spirit. These are precious qualities, which many constituency MPs do not have. Long may they stay in Reigate's hands!" - Richard Graham MP


"I have known Crispin since we both entered Parliament in 1997 He has my full personal support. He has been a diligent and useful MP and I very much hope he will be returned as the Member for Reigate at the next election. " - Rt Hon Lord Flight


"You have my strong support. I believe you have been an excellent and effective MP and made a serious and strong contribution to the Party, to Parliament and to the national interest." - Rt Hon Lord Howell of Guildford


"I strongly support the Reselection of Crispin Blunt as a loyal colleague in Government and in the Ministry of Defence." - Rt Hon Lord Freeman


"Crispin is a principled and brave politician. I know many people inside and outside Parliament who have a very high regard for his work as a Minister and Member of Parliament. Since 2010 I have found him to be an extremely good team player. Helpful and supportive to new MPs and not afraid to speak his mind..." - Nigel Adams MP


"...Crispin and I worked together in the Whips’ Office and have shared an adjacent office for some time, this has allowed me to see firsthand what a hard working member of Parliament Crispin is. Crispin is a man of fine character and it is my opinion that the people of Reigate are fortunate to have him as their Member of Parliament, and long may it be the case.” - James Duddridge MP


"The work you did both in government and back benches has been exemplary. Your contribution to the Syria debate, albeit a different contribution to mine was invaluable. You should not be in a situation such as this and I urge the members of your association to send a clear message to the world." - Nadhim Zahawi MP


"Crispin Blunt is a friend a colleague whom I am proud to work alongside in the House of Commons. Reigate is fortunate to have such a decent, hardworking man representing them in the Parliament of the United Kingdom. We need Crispin back as M.P. for Reigate in 2015... One other thing, Crispin is true patriot, he loves his country and has a huge amount still to offer in the service to our nation as an elected parliamentarian. I wish Crispin all the luck in the world!" - Andrew Rosindell MP


"When Crispin and I found ourselves looking for a way forward from different perspectives on a notoriously difficult issue, I was deeply impressed by the initiative and sensitivity he brought to bear..." - Steve Baker MP


"Crispin is a first rate Member of Parliament, diligent, intelligent, thoughtful and forceful in speaking up for his constituents and the things he believes in. He works hard and is widely respected in the Commons. Loyal to his constituency, his party and his country..." - Peter Luff MP


"I have now known Crispin for some eight years and I am entirely happy to put on record the fact that I regard him very highly, both as a parliamentarian and as a colleague. We have campaigned together in by-elections and I have never had any reason to doubt his full commitment to the interests of the Conservative Party." - Rt Hon David Jones MP


"Crispin and I were elected on the same day and we have worked together on many issues in Parliament. He is well respected and always stands up for his constituents and his colleagues here at Westminster would like to see him back after the next election." - Eleanor Laing MP


"Crispin is an extremely effective Member of Parliament, who has carried the fight to the Labour Party. It would be a great loss for the Parliamentary Party and the Conservative Party as a whole if he was not in the House making the case for Conservatism as he has done in the past." - James Clappison MP


"Crispin is a hard working and popular colleague who has made an important contribution to the Party in Westminster while standing up vigorously for the interests of his constituents. I have always found Crispin friendly and courteous and I think it would be a shame if he leaves Parliament. " - Kwasi Kwarteng MP


"I got to know Crispin during the debates around the changes to the Squatting laws. The law needed changing and Crispin showed courage and tenacity to drive this through Parliament. He is a formidable parliamentarian." - Mike Weatherley MP


"Crispin has dedicated his adult life to public service, and his commitment to serving his country and its people - from his career in the Army through to his time in Westminster - is exemplary. A superb MP, Crispin works tirelessly on behalf of the people of Reigate, and I sincerely hope that he is able to continue representing them." - Sajid Javid MP


"I had the pleasure of working closely with Crispin in the Opposition Whips office and can vouch for his intelligence, quick wittedness and hard work." - Andrew Selous MP


"I have only really known Crispin since I was elected in 2010, but he has always been immensely helpful to me and is someone who cares about those who he works with. He is a huge asset to parliament and, I would imagine, to his constituents as well..." - Mark Garnier


"I would like to add my wholehearted support for Crispin Blunt. He was hugely helpful in getting me settled into Parliament when I became an MP in 2005 and has been a good friend ever since. Crispin is a strong advocate in Parliament for his constituents and is an MP you can all be proud of." - Brooks Newmark MP


"When I and others came to you to help make squatting of residential properties a criminal offence, you were supportive, providing helpful guidance on how to navigate the system. Your friendliness and approachability is appreciated." - Mike Freer MP


"I would like to add my support to those of many other MPs who value your support as a colleague and believe that you make a significant contribution to the Conservative Party and the work of the Parliamentary Party. Having served with you as a minister in the Ministry of Justice and having sat in the room next to you for those 2.5 years, I know full well the tremendous effort and dedication that you put into your public service as a minister. And a successful job you made of it too... " - Jonathan Djanogly MP


"As a fellow member of the 1997 intake, I can vouch for Crispin's assiduousness and dedication as a Parliamentarian throughout his time as an MP. I do not always agree with every stance he takes, but I always respect his sincerity and integrity. Crispin is highly regarded by colleagues and his views are taken very seriously indeed on both sides of the Chamber " - Julian Lewis MP


"I would like to take the opportunity to publicly state my support for Crispin’s re-selection campaign. Crispin is well liked and highly respected amongst colleagues in Westminster. I also know how proud he is to represent Reigate, and how hard he works for people in his constituency. " - Simon Kirby MP


"I wanted to put on the record my support along with all the other MPs who have spoken strongly in favour of Crispin’s outstanding work as a Parliamentarian and as a representative of Reigate. He is a first class constituency MP who clearly cares deeply for his local area and pursues issues on behalf his constituents with an enormous amount of energy. He has also made an incredible contribution to the national Party and to the work of Government, during his time as a Minister..." - Pauline Latham MP


"Since my election in 2010 it has been a privilege to work with Crispin in the House of Commons. Crispin has always been a pugnacious fighter for Reigate and Parliament would be much diminished if he were not returned in 2015." - Jake Berry MP


"...My own view is that his work has been impressive. When Crispin was Chairman of the Conservative Middle East Council and I was Chairman of the Conservative Friends of Israel, his approach to me was straightforward and grown up. He said that we should not fight out in Parliament the disputes which so mar the Middle East - and he was quite right. We worked together constructively and productively as a result of his mature approach to politics. As Chairman of the Defence Select Committee I have been struck by his knowledge and commitment to the defence of our country. His experience in the matter - and his speeches - have been of considerable value to the House. I should be sorry if we lost them. " - Rt Hon James Arbuthnot MP


"I hope very much that the Reigate Association will re-select Crispin. He's a great colleague in the House, always good humoured and very supportive of we 'newbies'. He did a great job at Justice and hasn't missed a step in taking up the role of an active backbencher once again, however difficult that may have been. I wish him all the best in his campaign to be re-adopted." - George Hollingbery MP


"Crispin Blunt and I were on different sides of the debate over same sex marriage but Crispin always made his case with dignity, civility and decorum. I worked with him in the Whips Office and he was professional, diligent and a good team player. I believe that Crispin has a lot more to contribute to Parliament as the MP for Reigate..." - Stewart Jackson MP


"I have worked with Crispin as a colleague in the Opposition Whips Office and when he was an Opposition Spokesman. I have always found Crispin to be a hard working and diligent in his Parliamentary duties. He has always fought hard for what he believes in and for his constituents in the House of Commons. I am sure this is recognised by the constituents he has helped over the years in Reigate." - The Rt. Hon. Simon Burns MP


"I have worked with Crispin as a new backbench MP, hosting his Ministerial visit to Winchester, and in the House as a member of the Justice Select Committee. Simple truth is, he's a respected and experienced colleague who speaks with authority in the House of Commons and outside. That is really important. Parliament needs grown-up figures who, ultimately, ensure we have a grown-up functioning legislature and Crispin is one of them. The people of the Reigate constituency are lucky to have him as their Member of Parliament in my opinion." - Steve Brine MP


"Crispin was an excellent Minister and went out of his way to help. I have always found him to be generous and courteous in his dealings with me, beyond the call of duty." - Charlotte Leslie MP


"Crispin is a first class constituency MP. He is known throughout the House of Commons for his hard work, diligence, and preparedness to stand up for his constituents. He is loyal to the Party - but also independent-minded. His departure from the Commons would be a sad loss. Therefore, I hope fair-minded people will support him - overwhelmingly" - Mark Pritchard MP


"When I was elected in 2005 I was given an office right next to Crispin in Parliament, and have visited him in Reigate. I am not sure what has gone wrong within the Executive Committee of the Reigate Conservative Association. I am not just saying this because he is my friend - my direct and sustained experience Crispin is of a very very good MP, both in Parliament and the constituency. I stood next to him in the Chamber when he led the charge against the bonkers proposal to get involved in Syria's civil war, but I did not stand with him over Same Sex Marriage. In fact, it was one of Crispin's guests in Crispin's house in Reigate who gave me the best arguments against gay marriage that I have heard. If the problem for some people is in some way about Crispin's changes in his private domestic arrangements, I would point people to what he has been doing for the last 30+ years - serving the people of this country both as an army officer and as highly competent MP." - Adam Holloway MP


"I am proud to count Crispin as a colleague and friend. We worked very long hours together in the Conservative Opposition Whips Office for several years and I had the opportunity to get to know him well. He is a true Conservative, principled, very hard working both in Parliament and in his constituency of Reigate. He is loyal, sympathetic, considerate, well informed and has impeccable interpersonal and social skills. He is always scrupulously well mannered and a delight to know..." - Dame Angela Watkinson, DBE MP


"I would like to add my own warm message of support for Crispin. I have worked with him in his Ministerial capacity when I sat on the Justice Select Committee and was always impressed by his good work and friendly attitude..." - Robert Buckland MP


"Since I was elected to Parliament in 2010, I have found Crispin to be an effective Minister for the time he served, and since that time he has been an excellent colleague on the backbenches standing up for his constituents of Reigate..." - Andrew Bridgen MP



"Crispin is a great champion for Conservative values in the House of Commons and a dedicated public servant. He has been a steadfast supporter of the Government and especially helpful to me in my work of raising standards in schools. I have always been able to rely on his wisdom, energy and passion when it comes to improving education. Crispin was a great ministerial colleague and he has so much more to offer the Party and the Government in the future I very much hope he will be given the chance to continue his distinguished contribution to public service." - Rt. Hon. Michael Gove MP