I have had several inquiries about parking at Morrison Car Park in Reigate since it was outsourced to Euro Car Parks.

Since my earlier update on 16 March, I have received further clarification from the store's Deputy Manager

He has confirmed that Morrisons has an agreement with the parking company that ensures that there are

"no restrictions on parking after 19.00 daily and 16.00 on Sunday. Restrictions resume at store opening the following day."

For example., If someone enters the car park at 18.59 they are restricted to 2 hrs if they enter at 19.01 the car can be left until up to 06.59 the following day.

I have also been advised the following by Morrisons:

"To help us make sure there are plenty of car parking spaces for our customers we do operate a 2-hour limit but we know sometimes 2 hours might not be enough time if our customers are doing a large shop or want to grab a bite to eat or if they simply need a little extra time.

With this in mind, should a customer find they do need more time to shop with us please let our colleagues know on the Customer Service Desk have their registration number and they will make sure you do not receive a charge."

I hope this is informative.